Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Zizzi Roxburgh Court, Edinburgh

Proposals for Zizzi Roxburgh Court due to be done last week ofJune

Monday, 20 May 2013

Painters 20/05/13

Revisiting some of the paintings by Neil Dallas-Brown whose work originally convinced me as a student to pursue painting.  The economy of the use of paint, ambiguous handling of the figure and often powerfully symmetrical compositions really spoke to me then and still do.

Today I've also been re-investigating the work of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye - an artist I knew to make fictitious portraits- but hearing her in conversation from her exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery last year and discussing some familiar problems has been fascinating: wanting to paint the figure without capturing the 'essence' of a sitter and for the process to primarily be about addressing the paint and 'translating paint  into people'

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Zizzi Glasgow Princes Square - Final Designs

Workshop of the World

Princes Square was originally commissioned as a site for retail by Sir James Campbell and completed in 1841. Campbell, businessman and Provost of Glasgow, had a passion for architectural design, insisting on the importance of plentiful natural light.  When his eyesight began to fail him, he drew his designs with white chalk on dark blue paper…

These colours spoke to me of blueprints and plans; of shipbuilding and of architecture and engineering; even pattern cutting – a reference to another of
Campbell’s trades- and the drapers business he established in Prince’s Square. It is the visual language of the Workshop of the World.

 I combined imagery of the Princes Square building with elements from historical shipbuilding photographs.  The grid pattern creates depth, allows for playful perspective and hints at the distinctive scheme upon which the City is designed and founded.

Princes Square was refurbished and appeared in its current form in 1988, represented here by the literal ‘relaunching’ the iconic Peacock sculpture.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

15/01/13 Graphite Rubbings and from Woodcuts

These images resulted from some experimental woodcut mark-making made with another artist at our studio complex, David Woods. The different marks (Mountains, checkerboard, cloud/drumlins etc.) were all made in isolation but by taking rubbings in graphite I could combine the disparate elements into 'landscapes'. This way I can imagine what form a future woodblock print might take and how different forms and patterns can be substituted and interchanged.

Jan 2013: Invented Garden, Watercolour and ink