Sunday, 15 July 2012

Archetypal Landscape

I was reading about The Group of Seven and the influence of Scandinavian landscape painters on the formation of their ideas when I came across this passage:

all these painters led the viewer from a narrow platform area in the foreground, via a relatively undifferentiated middle ground to a mountain or other striking feature in the distance, creating 'unfathomable and emotional landscape spaces' that generated an effect of sublime monumentality.

Though not directly applicable to my work I like the idea that this proposes; that maybe there is an archetypal 'landscape' or spacial arrangement that humans are attracted to.  Maybe it is a personal one or maybe it belongs to a collective consciousness. Maybe it is related to the instinct that compels us to reach the trig point when we climb a mountain - to reach an point of safety in an otherwise 'undifferentiated' plane.  My Friendly Neighbourhood Architect tells me that humans naturally want to position themselves next to verticals.

All my drawing is at the moment is revolving around this:There is a plane (patterned or repetetively textured, on a slant) on which an object/subject is positioned. Or the plane and object are entirely symetrical with a repeat pattern in forground. The spaces and objects should be familiar yet unfamiliar, evoking a feeling of deja vu. 

Will have to look into surrealism.


 Some more work to be featured in Arts Complex Summer Exhibition 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Suite of graphite drawings

First two pieces are complete and third is a sketch to make a trio. Working more with spacial relationships I like to think of the monuments are anthropomorphic and figures are monumental or object-like. 10 x 10 cm.