Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sneak - New Works on Paper

A little of what is to come in NEIGHBOURHOOD exhibition.


Friday, 21 September 2012


Solo Exhibition NEIGHBOURHOOD opens Thursday October 4th at Urban Outfitters Edinburgh, 124 Princes Street. Private view 6pm - 8pm.

This exhibition will feature new figure paintings and recent drawings including those from the Homecomer's Series seen at Art's Complex Summer Show.  These two distinct approaches represent the different ways in which I explore my immediate physical and social environments; Interpreting the architecture around me I work from memory and imagination to produce short-hand landscapes while also valuing the rigorous observation required to make painted portraits of artists, friends and colleagues. This is my neighbourhood. 

Traverse Bar Cafe

A wee job I did for the Traverse Theatre  this week. Please go check out the Bar Cafe's new look:

Other Folks

 Some artists I've been taking an interest in recently include Nana Shiomi whose japanese woodblock prints seem to play on ideas of perspective, space and the symbolic significance of  repeated motifs. Illistrator/artists Steven Harrington and Scott Barry's use of pattern and symbols create personal visual languages. Barry also has very fluid approach or multiple 'styles' that he works in.  I prefer Shiomi's work for it's subtlety but there's just something about symmetry and triangles....  
 Nana Shiomi

Steven Harrington

Scott Barry