Saturday, 27 March 2010

Work and Displays

Let's get the ball rolling with some more images of my work - I have a series of portraits of art students in progress and have been experimenting with screen printing recently. Was curious to see if the flattening and repetition of images made the figure more iconic or anonymous, creating tension with very individual portraits. Wallpaper repeat print links all the work together in a language of decoration but I feel myself wanting to concentrate more on characters than very formal pattern.

Calvin's Wardrobe- First Impression

Welcome to my blog - Calvin's Wardrobe- named partly for a particular eca student without whose idiosynchratic, vintage style my work would not have taken the shape it has, and partly a a nod towards north-eastern presbiterianism on which I could blame my work ethic and economic style!

My first solo display outwith of college opens at The Lot on Edinbugh's Grassmarket this Monday, see my flyer for details