Friday, 25 February 2011

I Heart

I Heart new paperchase sketchbooks.
I Heart new pro-markers.
Madagascar nature documentaries. Like. Timerous Beasties. Like

Friday, 18 February 2011

New Zizzi

Lately I've tried to combine the characters and pattern in one image using different drawing styles for each.
As the comission is for two walls on different levels I will require two final images. I hit on the idea that they could be linked by a narrative such as a lady thinking wistfully of the coach-house farrier on one level, and he her on the other.
Although the illustrations here don't describe it at the moment, the pattern behind the life-size figures could give an insight into their thoughts: she could have horses and farriers, and he coaches and ladies, but never the twain shall meet.
This all riquired me to think up my own repeat pattern, but at the present hurdle is thinking how best to tranfer something this complicated to a 2m x 4m wall.
My coach wheels are based on the stonemasonry details of Norwich's Ethelbert gate while the birds that occaisionally appear are canaries: the local F.C.

New Zizzi

Continuing on then, I wanted to use the victorian silhouette ( Like artist Kara Walker) or use decorative textile and pattern... or, indeed, both at once. But is hard to strike a balance between all these factors while still making an image that works and is interesting to make.


New Zizzi

Working some ideas for a possible Zizzi commission working to ' victorian coachhouse' brief. I started out with a sort of Lewis Carroll type scene which while simultaneously playing with existing images. I just really liked the horse-headed woman!